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CTF – HTB – Stego – DigitalCube

The Challenge   The Solution Unzipping the file is giving me Digitalcube.txt First as with all files. The Exiftool Opening the file is giving me binary code Putting it in Cyberchef is giving me rubbish It could be an Image Going to With 50:50 as in the text of the challenge It is giving me a QR code Scanning the QR code is giving me the Flag

CTF – [√-1 +1]CTF Server – Lazy DB

The Challenge   The Solution This one was fun to do but I needed some help in the beginnen   Clicking on the source   So in the source we see that we need 144 character long string We can use a post command The hint I got was binary When filling in a 0 or 1 on I noticed one was taking longer then the other one. So when the right combination is active […]