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Extract McAffee security Certificate from shstat.exe and import in GPO

McAffee certificate need to be in the trusted publishing list in order to avoid errors with SHSTAT.EXE and windows Go to the location of the file SHSTAT.EXE Right click – Properties Select TAB Digital signatures Select View Certificate Press install certificate Install it for local Machine Put the certificate in the trusted publisher store Pres next and finish The certificate has now been installed on the machine. We need to push this trough GPO so […]

How to Extract certain driver from windows

If you can not find the driver but it is installed on another machine this trick will help. It only works for 3rd party drivers Create a Folder on the machine to hold all the drivers. In my example I will use c:\temp Next we need to find the INF name of the installed driver. Go to Computer Manager -> Device Manager – Right click on a driver then properties Click on Tab details. Select […]

Task Scheduler Last Run Result And Error Codes List


Here is a list of task schedular codes you might encounter. I will write up a diffrent blog with how to proper put in a task and how to avoid errors (0x0): Success. (0x1): File not found or path not found. (0x41301): Task still running. (0x800704DD): User has not logged on to the network. 0x00041300 SCHED_S_TASK_READY The task is ready to run at its next scheduled time. 0x00041301 SCHED_S_TASK_RUNNING The task is currently running 0x00041302 […]

System Center Configuration Manager 2012R2 Error codes

Microsoft System Center 2012R2

These are the errors I have encounted during my deployment with sccm 2012R2. This list is work in progress. If you have encounted any other error codes and have solutions for them aswell. Please let me know   Code When What is it all about Solution 0x80070570 During Tasksequence PC was shutdown holding the powerbutton. Disk is marked as dirty You need to run checkdisk. Press F8 and run chkdsk /F . If this is […]

list of commands that you can run off from the Run Command prompt

Here is a list of commands that you can run off from the Run Command prompt in Windows: Go to Start Menu > Run… In the run box type one of the following commands and press enter. Legend: Application = Command Accessibility Controls = access.cpl Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs = appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools = control admintools Automatic Updates = wuaucpl.cpl Bluetooth Transfer Wizard = fsquirt Calculator = calc Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc […]