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Creating your own AMBI light with raspberry Pi zero for all HDMI sources

I have found this tutorial online for creating your own ambi light. The tutorial was not very clear for me and some parts did not work. So here is the adjusted tutorial. I also put kodi on the raspberry pi zero. It is slow with navigating but it plays the movies perfectly. This way I use the Pi at its full potential This tutorial does not work for 4K television. However it is possible with a lightberry […]

Building an Arcade with raspberry PI – Part 2

You can read the first part here Building an Arcade with raspberry PI – Part 1   Buying the parts for the cabinet So now that the software is running on the PI and working behind the television. The next step is to get the rest of the hardware parts. I bought the following. MDF Wood (18mm) Buttons and Sticks (16 buttons and 2 sticks) Ipac 2 Players (this can be connected with USB to the PI) […]

Building an Arcade with raspberry PI – Part 1

I was surfing the net to see if there are any nice projects to do with a raspberry PI. I came across a YouTube movie of a guy who build a topdesk arcade with a raspberry Pi. So I found my project. So I bought this Raspberry Pi V2 with an 8GB SD card and HDMI cable and WIFI dongle. THE SOFTWARE Before even building the Arcade, it needs to work on the Pi first […]