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How to Create discovery Image for System center

Microsoft System Center 2012R2

If you have a test sccm server or you just migrating to another server you need a usb stick in order for the client to pxe boot into the new server while the old server is still running the pxe. You can accomplish this by creating a discovery image for your sccm server. Create a normal tasksequence Select the task Sequences and press the creat task sequence media button in the ribbon Follow the wizard. […]

System Center Configuration Manager 2012R2 Error codes

Microsoft System Center 2012R2

These are the errors I have encounted during my deployment with sccm 2012R2. This list is work in progress. If you have encounted any other error codes and have solutions for them aswell. Please let me know   Code When What is it all about Solution 0x80070570 During Tasksequence PC was shutdown holding the powerbutton. Disk is marked as dirty You need to run checkdisk. Press F8 and run chkdsk /F . If this is […]