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Error: An exception occurred while enqueueing a message in the target queue. Error: 15517, State: 1. Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal “dbo” does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission. Solution: This only works with Windows server 2012R2. If you are using 2016 then use SQL server manager studio Run the following powershell command on the primary ADFS server Open an administrative powershell […]

Extract McAffee security Certificate from shstat.exe and import in GPO

McAffee certificate need to be in the trusted publishing list in order to avoid errors with SHSTAT.EXE and windows Go to the location of the file SHSTAT.EXE Right click – Properties Select TAB Digital signatures Select View Certificate Press install certificate Install it for local Machine Put the certificate in the trusted publisher store Pres next and finish The certificate has now been installed on the machine. We need to push this trough GPO so […]

Fix – Slow Network on VM with HyperV core 2012R2

Setup a new hyperV core machine on a HP Proliant 380 8Gen. The Network on the VM’s ver very slow. If I copied a file to the HyperV core machine the speed was good. When copying the file to a VM running on that same core machine the speed was very bad. Below 10 MB/s. This was unaccpetable so I started to look for a solution. After a day of google and digging arround. I […]

How to change token certificate on ADFS 3.0

Federation Server 3.0

Once a year a new token certificate needs to be extended in ADFS. If you have autocertificate enrolment on then this wil happen automaticly. However you need to inform the Relying party trust of the new token certificate if they do not use you adfs xml. Most partys do not use this. How does it work. By default the adfs server creates a new certificate 20 days before the primary token certificate expires. 5 days […]

ADFS: Manipulating EmployeeID for correct claim

If you need to match you EmployeeID with the external party for SSO but they have more characters then you have in your AD. So you need to put a zero in front of it. I needed 7 characters while in my Active Directory I had 6. The 3th party had an extra zero in front of it. You need to add extra claim rules. 2 buffer claims and a 3rth claim wich manipulates the 2 buffers. […]

Fixed Network Discovery keeps turning itself back OFF

In windows server 2012R2 I had an issue that when I turn on Network Discovery it was turning itself back off. Now I need network discovery in my Home network as not all PC are connected to my domain controller and my fileserver needs to be visible trough the network. This safes everybody some typing and asking me the IP or Name of the server. Here is the solution Go to Server Manager and open up Services. […]

70-411 Powershell Cheat Sheet

I have finished 70-410 and now working on the 70-411. And this time I will be making an PowerShell Cheat sheet as well. I’m sure I’m missing some command especially the Hyper-v once Cmdlet Description   Add-WsusComputer Adds a specified client computer to a specified target group Approve-WsusUpdate Approves an update to be applied to clients Get-WsusClassification Gets the list of all WSUS classifications currently available in the system.  Get-WsusComputer Gets the WSUS computer object […]

Get always-on vpn working on android

In this blogpost I will connect my android device to my VPN server and put the android device in always-on mode. This means that if my phone has got an internet connection it will automaticly connect to my vpn server. This way I always have a more secure connection in public places. So let’s get started. First thing to know PPTP is not accepted in always-on mode. Android will not let you select this one. […]

How to use Task Scheduler on a HyperV Core server

In this blogpost I’m going to show you how to schedule tasks on a hyperV server core from server manager. This is very easy to do. First select the server in server manager and right click on it. Select Computer management   Select Task Scheduler and then press create a task (on the left side) Do not select basic task as we need to run the task even if user is not logged in Now […]

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