Building an Arcade with raspberry PI – Part 1

I was surfing the net to see if there are any nice projects to do with a raspberry PI. I came across a YouTube movie of a guy who build a topdesk arcade with a raspberry Pi. So I found my project. So I bought this Raspberry Pi V2 with an 8GB SD card and HDMI cable and WIFI dongle.


Before even building the Arcade, it needs to work on the Pi first connected to my TV. Therefore, I can see how it works. For the software, I’m using Retropie. This is specially made for the Pi and almost every console works on it. So I downloaded the image and put it on the SD card. You can do this with the program Win32DiskImager Just put the SD card in your PC. Start Up Win32DiskImager. Select the Image and the SD drive and you’re good to go. Once the image was on the SD card. I put it back in the raspberry pi. Connected my raspberry pi to my TV with the HDMI cable, Plugged in the network wire and booted it up. In my router I looked up the IP address of the PI.

I know that if you want to configure your raspberry pi then the best option to connect to it is by ssh. Putty is the best program to connect to the devices over ssh. Just type in the IP address and hit connect. The standard username is Pi and the password is Raspberry.

Now I need to configure the raspberry to make sure it uses all of the SD card and I need to configure the Wi-Fi.

Type in the following in the command line

sudo raspi-config

then select expand file system and then reboot the Pi.

Next is to make sure it will connect to my WIFI. So when I disconnect it from my wired network and put it in the arcade cabinet then I can still access it and put the roms on the device. Best to do this is explained in this tutorial

The Pi is now configured.



Before we can play games, we need to put games on the device. This is done by putting the game roms in the correct directory’s on the Pi.

easiest way to access is to go into “computer” folder on windows and in the top type:


Copy your roms to the right directories. Once copied reboot your raspberry pi by connecting to it with putty and type in

Sudo reboot

Some Systems need extra configuration like PlayStation. Just look it up in the WIKI retropie setup . On the right side just click on the System

I had a PlayStation 3 controller which I connected to the PI by USB. Retropie will automatically detect it. So you can play and test out the games.

You want roms. Just google it



There is a build in scraper in retropie. This will connect your roms to images and description. It search for the game in an online Database and then download the box art and descriptions.


This is nice but it is far from perfect. I found a better script for this.

Connect you to your pi with putty and after you have logged in type in the following which will download the script and boot it up

sudo apt-get install python-imaging
git clone
cd ES-scraper
python -pisize -p

This script will find much more games. So you can build up a better looking arcade. You can find the manual here:

I had a couple hundred of games to connect. So it will take a while. You can always get out the script by hitting Ctrl+c. The script will detect this and save it. Next time you start up the script it will continue. If you reboot you Pi and want to start up the script just do the following once connect to you pi with putty

cd ES-scraper (this will get you in the directory where the script is located)
python -pisize -p (this will start the script and ask your input on every rom)


I’m still connecting allot of games. Once this is done I will write part 2 and getting the rest of the hardware


Read part 2 here

Building an Arcade with raspberry PI – Part 2



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