Extract McAffee security Certificate from shstat.exe and import in GPO

McAffee certificate need to be in the trusted publishing list in order to avoid errors with SHSTAT.EXE and windows

  • Go to the location of the file SHSTAT.EXE
  • Right click – Properties

  • Select TAB Digital signatures
  • Select View Certificate

  • Press install certificate
  • Install it for local Machine
  • Put the certificate in the trusted publisher store

  • Pres next and finish

The certificate has now been installed on the machine. We need to push this trough GPO so every machine has got this certificate and does not have these errors

  • Open the certificate store on de local computer (mmc.exe and snapshot certificates)

Right click on the Mcaffee certificate -> All Task – Export

  • Press next on this screen

  • Put it in the location where you want to save the certificate. Remember the location has we going to need it when importing it into the GPO
  • Open your GPO console. Create or edit a new GPO
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows settings – Public key policies -> Trusted Publishers.
  • Right mouse click on the right side and select import
  • Select the certificate we just exported

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