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CTF – [√-1 +1]CTF Server – Meta



Downloaded the Image

The challenge is called meta. So, looked at the meta and found artist has a string


Run it through a base 64 decoder

Got a string back -> V20xNGFGb3pkSFJOTTFFd1drUlNNRTVHT0hoak1UbDZUVVk1ZEUwelVUQm1VVDA5

Here I got stuck for a while and somebody told me try again. So I did

I put the next string into the decoder

I got Wm14aFozdHRNM1EwWkRSME5GOHhjMTl6TUY5dE0zUTBmUT09

Now I put this in the decoder

I got this ZmxhZ3ttM3Q0ZDR0NF8xc19zMF9tM3Q0fQ==

I put this in the decoder


and now I have the flag

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