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Fix Pi-hole not showing Twitter Images
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Fix Pi-hole not showing Twitter Images

When using twitter on my mobile and connected to my WIFI at home I noticed the images are not loading in the twitter mobile app

When turning off pi-hole the images are loading. But nothing was blocked in the query log.

I whitelisted and The issue was still there

When logged in to Pi hole I start an audit to see what pi-hole is doing realtime

I noticed allot of

NODATA-IPv6 when using twitter. All Cloudflare IPv6 DNS requests

Then it hit me. Recently I had to push a new config into my Unifi gateway. This activated IPv6. I have 2 external IP addresses one IPv4 and one IPv6

I changed my Upstream DNS in Pi-hole. I had Cloudflare IPv6 on and disabled it and activated the google one

I now have the following.

All is working again

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