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samsung homecinema set keeps switching source – Solution

My samsung home cinema set keeps switching source even If i do nothing.  I already cleaned the touchscreen. Put new batteries in the remote. It went away for a while. But now it is back. I have googled for the last 2 days to get the solution. I have read allot of forums but could not find the solution. Then I came accross one forum where they put in the suggestion to disconnect the touchscreen. Everything will look the same on the home cinema set but you just can’t use you finger on the screen and can only use the remote.

I do not use the touchscreen anyway so I have decided to disconnect the touchscreen as states in that forum. Here are the instructions to do so. It is very simple to do.

Step 1

Disconnect the cables and Screw the box open.


Step 2

Disconnect the front panel interface


Step 3

Remove the front panel


Step 4

Disconnect the touchscreen .. Just pull out the cable

Step 5

Put every thing back together in reverse order (except the touchscreen cable). It should be fine now

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