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Useful Links for System Administrators

I’m gathering a list with the best links a system administrator needs. Here is the list so far. Place a comment if you know more useful links


  1. – Fill in the hardware ID and you get the drivers. Very handy if you have no idea what you holding in you hands
  2. – PCI Vendor List By Name or by Vendor ID: from these lists, you can select a vendor, and get more information about either the vendor itself or the devices they manufacture
  3. – Service configurations for windows. Which service can be turned off to save on memory or cpu time
  4. – Type in the Microsoft eventID and get a good explanation
  5. – Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It’s 100% free
  6. – Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers
  7. – Install and Update All Your Programs at Once


IT Social Media / Communities

  1. Expert Exchange – Experts Exchange is the tech professional’s trusted, on-demand resource for solving difficult problems, making informed decisions, and delivering excellent solutions
  2. Spice Works – Do your job (or find a new one!), talk-shop with IT pros and vendors, show off your IT projects, and get the scoop on everything from products and services to zombies and bacon (yup, seriously). All in one place. All for free!

Free Books

  1. Free Microsoft Ebooks – Free books provided by Microsoft press
  2. Book Boon – Free study books
  3. IT eBook – Free IT books

Programming Resources

  1. – Allot of tutorials on many aspect of programming


  1. – Everything about Microsoft products

Free Training

  1. IT Free Training – Best training videos to learn Windows and Windows server

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