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Xbox Error 8016FE6D Solution

I’m trying to get everything under one Microsoft account. last thing to move is the Xbox account. But when I move gamerstag from email one to email 2 I’m getting the following error. 8016FE6D . According to Microsoft I have some billing on email address 2 and that is blocking my move. You can check that out on Also email address 2 has a status business account and this is also blocking the transfer.

So I want to use email address 2 as my primary account. Email address 1 which I have for more then 20 years has got a childish name and that is why I need to change this. Email address 2 I have for a couple of years now

Now I have found a solution for this but the downside is that email address 2 can not be used for more then 30 days as It needs to be released.

The trick is making use of account aliases and then make it primary

Lets say emal address 1 is and email adres 2 is So everything needs to be on

  1. Login to email address 2 ( and Go to
  2. Create a new alias like
  3. Make the new alias primary
  4. Delete as an alias so is the only one left
  5. Wait for more then 30 days
  6. Log in to email address 1 ( and go to
  7. Add the email address as an alias
  8. Make it primary
  9. Delete all other aliases
  10. Done….

If you have onedrive under then make sure you move those files temporary on a harddrive and move them back once everything is complete


This is the only solution what I know works

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