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Export-WindowsDriver not working?

To extract drivers from windows you can do this with windows PowerShell and the Export-WindowsDriver cmdlet. However this is not always working . Here is an other way what works to extract the installed drivers from Windows.

Export-WindowsDriver Value cannot be null error

When typing in the following command

Export-WindowsDriver -online -destination c:\drivers

we are getting an error

Export-WindowsDriver not working?

Lucky for us we still have DISM. We achieve the same with the following command

dism /online /export-driver /destination:c:\drivers
Dism extract drivers

After all drivers are extracted from windows you can delete what you do not need. For this I sugges to use the following command so you have an overview on where the CatalogFile belongs to

Get-WindowsDriver -online | Select Driver, CatalogFile, ClassDescription, ProviderName, Version | ft

You can match the names as seen in the screenshot and delete what you do not need like print drivers etc.

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