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How to Extract certain driver from windows

If you can not find the driver but it is installed on another machine this trick will help.

It only works for 3rd party drivers

Create a Folder on the machine to hold all the drivers. In my example I will use c:\temp

Next we need to find the INF name of the installed driver.

  • Go to Computer Manager -> Device Manager – Right click on a driver then properties
  • Click on Tab details. Select property INF Name. This will give you the right INF name.


Startup powershell in admin mode on the machine that has got the driver.

Type in the following code

Export-WindowsDriver –Online -Destination c:\temp

This wil  export all drivers. The output of powershell will give us the locations of the right INF files.  Scroll to the right INF name. and look at the originalFIleName . The name that comes after the “C:\windows\System32\Driverstore\FileRepository\” is the name of the folder you need to find in C:\temp . That is the right driver




You can also use this to create a driver package in SCCM without searching for drivers online. As long as you have a reference machine it will work.





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