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Fix – Slow Network on VM with HyperV core 2012R2

Setup a new hyperV core machine on a HP Proliant 380 8Gen. The Network on the VM’s ver very slow. If I copied a file to the HyperV core machine the speed was good. When copying the file to a VM running on that same core machine the speed was very bad. Below 10 MB/s. This was unaccpetable so I started to look for a solution. After a day of google and digging arround. I have found the following solution to work. I have done this on multiple Hyper Core machines and every one of them got an increase in speed.


  • Open regedit
  • File -> Connect to network registry
  •   regedit_remote_register
  • Insert your HyperV machine name
  • Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\VMSMP\Parameters
  • Create a new DWORD value and name it BelowTenGigVmqEnabled and give it a value of 1 (10Gb owners need to create TenGigVmqEnabled)hyperv_reg_settings
  • Reboot the HyperV machine

Now copy something to the new VM.. Notice the speed increase!.

Next trick.

If you have a legacy adpater installed on the VM. Make sure you change it if possible for a non Legacy adapter in the VM settings. The non legacy adapter has a advanced feature called Virtual Machine Queing. Make sure this is On. The speed should now increase to the max.


For more tips on increase performance take a look at



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