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Fixed Network Discovery keeps turning itself back OFF

In windows server 2012R2 I had an issue that when I turn on Network Discovery it was turning itself back off. Now I need network discovery in my Home network as not all PC are connected to my domain controller and my fileserver needs to be visible trough the network. This safes everybody some typing and asking me the IP or Name of the server.

Here is the solution

Go to Server Manager and open up Services.

Make sure the following services are running

1. DNS Client
2. Function Discovery
3. SSDP Discovery
4. UPnP device Host

These services are responsible for the network discovery. Some of them are disabled by default.  If they are then just put them on automatically and everything should be fine (Just double click on the service)


Open Up Network and sharing center and click on advanced sharing settings

scharing settings

Now you see everything is on.

network discovery

If you now brows your network you will see the server listed.

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