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Get always-on vpn working on android

In this blogpost I will connect my android device to my VPN server and put the android device in always-on mode. This means that if my phone has got an internet connection it will automaticly connect to my vpn server. This way I always have a more secure connection in public places. So let’s get started.

First thing to know PPTP is not accepted in always-on mode. Android will not let you select this one. So we need L2TP. And as I do not have certificates setup yet on the server we will use a pre shared key for now.


  • Open server manager.
  • Connect to the server and open up Routing and remote access.
  • Right mouse click on the server and select properties.
  • Click on the tab Security.
  • Select Allow custom IPsec policy for L2TP/IKEv2 connections and fill in a key. Can be anything you like.

preshared key


That is it for the server side. Let move on and configure the android device


  • Go to settings -> More networks -> VPN
  • Click the + sing on the right upper corner
  • Give the VPN connection a name like HOME
  • Select type L2tp/IPSec PSK
  • In the server address put in the IP (not the name!)
  • Give in the same key you created on the server in the IPsec-key field (Secret and ID field can be kept blank)
  • Click on advanced option
  • At DNS-server fill in you local DNS server. Mine is my router

Now test the connection first. If it connects you get a key in the upper left corner.If it is working

  • From the VPN screen, choose Menu > Always-on VPN.
  • Select the VPN.
  • Touch OK.
  • A permanent notification keeps you informed of the always-on VPN’s status.

And we are now setup.

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