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How to get Hyper-V in workgroup enviroment working

I have tried to get Hyper-v to work in a workgroup environment with windows 8.1

There a couple of steps you need to do to get this working.

1. Install the server

The first step is easy. Install the server. You should be able to do this. install it on a dedicated server or in Workstation 10

2. Configure the server (static IP)

Once Hyper-v boots it automatically starts the sconfig command. Just give it a static IP and a Computer name and reboot.

3. In windows 8 – Set server in trust list to get it to work with server manager to install additional features

I have already blogged about this before (

Just open up a PowerShell as an administrator and enter the following command and do not forget to change <Yoursername> to your hyper-v servername

Set-Item wsman:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts <Yourservername> -Concatenate -Force

 4. In windows 8 – Edit the host file

This one is very important otherwise you get RPC failed error and hyper-v manager will not show your created VM’s

Locate the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file in explorer or press the windows button+R and fill in  C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\
right-click –> properties –> security
click –> edit –> add –> YOURUSERNAME –> OK
then select this new user, and tick the “modify”-box under the “allow”-section.
apply the change, and close.

Now you are able to edit the file and save it
DoubleClick the file, and open with notepad
add the ip-address and name of your server like Yourservername 
Save the file

You should now be able to user server manager and Hyper-V manager in windows 8 to create VM’s and connect to them. I had some errors when creating disk. It hangs but I cancelled it and notice the disk are created. After some investigating I needed to install the VMware tools. I am running in on workstation 10. After the installation it worked fine. If you’re not running on VMware but on a dedicated server. install the latest drivers on the server. if you are having trouble connecting to it or you can not create VM’s then disable the firewall on the server. You can do that by using this command

Get-NetFirewallProfile | Set-NetFirewallProfile –Enabled False

You can install the File server role on the Hyper-v server with server manager and then create shares. So you can port you virtual disk easily



———————— UPDATE ————–

Had some issues with credentials. Make sure you have the same local account on both the server and client

type this command in on the client side

cmdkey /add:<ServerName> /user:<UserName> /pass:<password>

I was now able to connect with Hyper-v manager from my windows 8 machine tot the server running hyperv2012R2 core


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