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How to use Task Scheduler on a HyperV Core server

In this blogpost I’m going to show you how to schedule tasks on a hyperV server core from server manager. This is very easy to do.

First select the server in server manager and right click on it.

Select Computer management

select Hyper-V server


Select Task Scheduler and then press create a task (on the left side) Do not select basic task as we need to run the task even if user is not logged in

computer management - create task

Now we fill in the name of the task and select. Run whether user is logged on or not. This means that even if we restart the server and never log in then the task will still be run. In my case the server will shutdown at 00:30 AM and boot up at 8:30. Now I do not have to log on every day.



Select the tab triggers and click on add. In my case I will select daily and put in the time to execute the command. Also I selected Synchronize across time zones. Not really needed for me but in case you have to configure the server and ship it to a location then this will be a very good option.



Press ok and select the tab actions then click on new. Here we put in the shutdown command with the /s option and press ok


You can if you want put in the conditions and settings. But in my case this will not be needed. You now see the task in the list



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