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Redirect new domain computer to right OU or child OU with Redircmp

I want to redirect all my newly join computer to the Home -> Homecomputer Organizational Unit. The technet page from Microsoft about the redircmp command did not helped me. I was getting the error object not found. While the object in this case HomeComputer was there. But it is a child OU and that is where the problem was. This page does not explained it. But I figured it out anyway This is how my OU looks like on my Windows 2012R2 Test server OU redirect Open up a command prompt on the server. Now to the normal command is

redircmp ou=newcomputerou,dc=domainname,dc=com 

This command only work if you OU is the parent. In my case Home. But I want to redirect it to Home -> HomeServer. In this case the command should be redircmp ou=childOU,ou=ParentOU,dc=domainname,dc=com In my case redirectOU   Now if you have another sub OU underneath that then that OU would come first. So from the bottom up redircmp ou=childchildOU,ou=childOU,ou=ParentOU,dc=domainname,dc=com   So now if I join a computer to the domain it will place it in the HomeComputers OU.

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